Hikaru Nakamura Wins January 25 Titled Tuesday

GM Hikaru Nakamura won Titled Tuesday on January 25 with a score of 10/11 after winning a better rook endgame in the final round against GM Bogdan Daniel Deac. GM Dmitry Andreikin and GM Jose Alcantara finished in second and third, respectively, with 9.5/11 while GM Vahap Sanal took fourth place on tiebreaks with nine points.

599 players played this Titled Tuesday, which was the usual 11-round Swiss with a 3+1 time control.

NM Valery Sviridov was fighting with the top and came only one point away from winning with a strong nine-point score. I would think 2562 FIDE would be enough to get at least FM? Maybe Valery doesn’t feel that FIDE titles are worth claiming. I especially enjoyed his win against GM Alexander Lenderman.

Nakamura won the $750 first-place prize with Andreikin winning $400 for second. GM Jose Alcantara won $150 for his third-place finish while GM Vahap Sanal claimed $100 for fourth. GM Aleksandra Goryachkina won $100 as the highest-scoring female player.

Titled Tuesday is a twice-weekly Swiss tournament held by Chess.com for titled players. Beginning next week on February 1, there will be two tournaments held each Tuesday. The first starts at 8:00 a.m. Pacific Time/17:00 Central European with the second beginning at 2:00 p.m. Pacific/23:00 Central European.

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